Friday 6 January 2012

the end of semester

next week is my last week in this semester,
it mean that i can go home.
On the other hand,
it also mean that I will face my final exam next week.

I didn't prepare very well for my exam,
gota lot of subjects did not study well,
like accounting ,I got the worst result in mid term exam.

i didn't learn accouting for a few years,
and this course is emphasis the theory not calculation.
so i cannot handle it at all.

i had studied book keeping in English for three years,
so I can't automacticly translate it into chinese,
I can't understand it at all.

I can learn a lot things in other subject,
such as the theory of food and food processing,
I also hv the interesting course about chocolate,
in this course, i can learn how to make chocolate,
the most happiness thing is
I can eat a lot of chocolate with different flavour in this course

hope that my results will all pass !!!